About Us

Reach your fullest potential. For over 15 years, Muscle Club Malaysia has been committed to developing professional athletes and gym enthusiasts through quality vitamins and workout supplements. As a premier brand, we hold quality at the forefront of everything we do. This is evident in our sourcing of premium supplements from the U.S. We are steadfast in delivering a diverse range of products. No shortcuts are taken in giving you the best quality. We work closely with our supply chain, buying in bulk, removing the middleman markups, and passing on cost savings to you. With an extensive background in nutrition and relationships with leading experts, we are able to handpick the best products. 

Our solutions rely on proven formulas to transform your physique. It’s result oriented and backed by science. We inspire you to take action and stay on track to reach your fitness goals. Join a community of like-minded people pursuing greatness and shaping their bodies. 

Together, you can push yourself to limits that were beyond your expectations. We're an ambitious company, a direct reflection of our community. We take no shortcuts in giving you the best workout supplements on the market to drive progress