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Student Sports nutrition pack best value deal from The Olimp Sports Malaysia offers the highest quality supplements at the best prices available online in the malaysia! 

The OLIMP™ STUDENT Essentials Pack contains a range of 10 premium supplements, Olimp shaker and A complimentary olimp Sport Nutrition guide.

The OLIMP™ STUDENT Essentials Pack contains a range of 10 premium supplements and complementary guide for anyone wanting to their body fit. This unique pack is your body needs support in the form of proper nutrition, hydration & perfect startup – providing energy and essential fatty acids to your body.

The OLIMP™ STUDENT Essentials Pack boasts some of our very best-sellers including the weight gainer protein formula Gainerator, the protein bars, creatine, best-selling L-carnitine, Extreme shots even a high quality Olimp sport nutrition shaker and ,much more.

Great Startup Offer!!

1 x Gainerator (2.2lbs) 
1 x L-Carnitine Extreme shots(25 ml)

1 x speed extreme shot

1 x AAKG extreme shot

3 x Gladiator Protein bars (60g) 
3 x Hydratonic Energy(22g)
1 x Blister (30 caps) - Kre-Alkalyn 
1 x Blister (30 caps) - Bcaa Megacaps 
1 x Blister (30 caps) - Anabolic Amino –
1 x Blister (30 caps) - Glutamine –
1 Blister (30 caps) - Endugen 
1 x Olimp Shaker – 1 
XXL Scoop 
A Compimentary Olimp Sport Nutriton Product Guide.

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